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Considering entering the McGraw-Hill networks™ “Enter the Debate” Contest? Please review this page, and read the Official Rules, carefully. There are certain criteria that must be met for consideration in the contest.

1. What is the McGraw-Hill networks™ “Enter the Debate” Contest?”

The McGraw-Hill networks™ “Enter the Debate” Contest is a timely and relevant student essay contest (250 or fewer words), centered on the 2012 Presidential Election. Your Grade 6–12 classroom students must write individual essays, and answer the question, “What if you could ask President Obama and Governor Romney a question during the presidential debates? What would it be, and why is this question important to our country?” Teachers may submit as many student essay entries as they deem appropriate.

2. Who can enter?

This is a competition for teachers working with their classroom students. Only teachers may enter the contest on behalf of their schools and students. Only the classroom students may write individual essays. Teachers complete the “Entry” form and enter their classroom’s essays online in accordance with the Contest Rules. Students do not enter the contest themselves.

3. How do I enter?

Each entry will include an individual student essay, each essay to be 250 words or fewer, and to be submitted online in a text box.

4. What do I need to enter?

Certain documents must be filled out by all teachers and parents or guardians of participating classroom students for consideration. If an Essay is chosen as a Finalist, a Parent Consent form for each student download here and one Teacher Consent Form download here per teacher must be submitted by email on or before January 16, 2013. Please download and familiarize yourself with these documents before Entering.

5. How does the contest work?

If you are considering entering the Contest, please read the Official Rules. Beginning at 9:00 AM (EDT) September 17, 2012 teachers can submit their entries. The period of submission ends at 11:59:59 AM (EDT) November 2, 2012. At the end of the submission period, all eligible entries will be scored, and 6 Finalists will be selected based on the highest overall scores. Then Sponsor’s panel of judges will score the 6 essays to determine the single-highest overall score. The school that submits the highest scoring Essay will receive a $5,000 grand prize to be used in the school’s social studies classrooms, while the other 5 schools that submit essays that are deemed finalists will be awarded $1,000 each for the same purpose.

6. How will the entries be judged?

Essays will be evaluated and scored based on the following three (3) criteria.

-40%   Content demonstrates understanding of current affairs, citizenship, and   social studies concepts
-40%    Persuasiveness
-20%    Grammar, spelling, and mechanics

7. Important Dates and Times

Submissions begin: 9:00 AM (EDT) September 17, 2012
Submissions close: 11:59:59 AM (EDT) November 2, 2012
Finalists’ selection: On or about December 7, 2012
Grand Prize Finalist selection: On or about December 31, 2012
Winners will be publicly announced: On or after January 20, 2013

8. Submission Guidelines

-Have your Grade 6–12 classroom students write individual essays, each 250 words or fewer in length.
-The essay should not contain any visible logos, drawings, cartoons, phrases, trademarks, or other third-party materials.
-The individual students must write the essays with only appropriate teacher guidance and technical support.
-Submit the 6–12 Teacher Consent Form and one Parent Consent Form for each student by January 16, 2013.
-Obtain appropriate permission from your school principal or other appropriate administrator to enter the contest.
-Be prepared to type in your individual student essays when you enter the contest, or, you may “cut and paste” the essays from a word document.
-Remember to identify each essay with the corresponding student author (student first name and last initial only).
-Submit no earlier than 9:00 AM (EDT) September 17, 2012 or no later than 11:59:59 AM (EDT) November 2, 2012.

9. What if I have more questions?


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